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About Quirki Chilli

Quirki Chilli was created to save time, hassle and money in the kitchen but still bring bags of flavour to just about any dish. A fine blend of two different chilli’s, shallots, garlic, coconut oil with a pinch of palm sugar infused together to make a flavoursome versatile oil based condiment.

Use as a rub, spread, garnish, dip, paste, marinade or simply spoon some into your favourite dish for a quirki hit. If you are wanting to bolster your baked beans or marinade your mackerel enjoy putting a Quirki boost to your food.

‘Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great’
Chef Auguste Gusteau

A few benefits for you….

•  Vegetarian 
•  Vegan
•  No added preservatives
•  No vinegar
•  No artificial sweetners
•  Oil based
•  Extremely versatile 
•  Long lasting
•  No more chopping chilli’s
•  Hand made in small batches
•  Spice your meal not theirs 
•  Add to shop bought meals and dips
•  Not all about the heat
•  Reduces costs of constantly buying ingredients 
•  Instant flavour
•  A little goes a long way

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Main Photography by Ashleigh Cadet.