About Quirki Chilli

Feeling bruised and battered after wandering through the hectic abyss of Christmas shopping 2014 I decided to get creative by making presents for friends and family.

After giving it some thought I decided to combine my love of food and travel. Throughout my extensive travels of South East Asia I constantly came across a chilli based condiment that could be added at the cooking stage or after, its versatility was amazing – a condiment for one and all.

I massively enjoyed the hours of researching, experimenting, cooking and tweaking that followed my none Christmas shopping decision and was very pleased and excited about my take on the chilli condiment I had experienced on my travels.

It is a great feeling giving gifts that you have made yourself. 

Not having a label or anything telling you what to do with my creation bizarrely helped, as friends started telling me what they had done with it and asking for more for themselves and their friends!

It’s versatility turned out to be fantastic. This then lead me down the path of researching if what my friends and family were saying about my product was true or finding out if they were just a bunch of fibbers!

Many batches were made, human guinea pigs used, one or two rectifications, label designed, legalities sorted and Quirki Chilli was born;

•  Vegetarian 
•  Vegan
•  No added preservatives
•  Approx. 40 servings per jar
•  No vinegar
•  No artificial sweeteners
•  Oil based
•  Extremely versatile 
•  Long lasting
•  No more chopping chilli’s
•  Hand made in small batches
•  Spice up one meal and not everyone in the family
•  Add to shop bought meals and dips

•  Not all about the heat
•  Reduces costs of constantly buying ingredients 
•  Instant flavour
•  A little goes a long way

A fine blend of two different chillies, shallots, garlic, coconut oil with a pinch of palm sugar all infused together to make a flavoursome versatile oil based condiment.

Use as a rub, spread, garnish, dip, paste, marinade or simply spoon some into your favourite dish for a quirki hit.

If you are wanting to bolster your baked beans or marinade your mackerel enjoy putting a Quirki boost to your food.

Thank you for visiting and a double thank you if you have bought a jar of my Quirki little friend.

‘Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great’
Chef Auguste Gusteau

Copyright Est 2014

Main photography by Ashleigh Cadet.