Parma Ham Puff Pastry Twists

BBQ Kebabs

Chicken, Prawn & Halloumi

Chicken: cut chicken breasts into 1” cubes and put them in a zippy bag with 2tbsp of teriyaki sauce, 1tbsp of garlic purée, 1tsp of QC and 2tbsp of lemon juice..

Prawns: put grey/raw prawns into a zippy bag and add 2tbsp of lime juice, 1tbsp of garlic purée, 1 strip of spring onion finely chopped and 1tsp of QC.

Halloumi: cut halloumi into 2cm strips and put them into a zippy bag. Add 2tbsp of sun dried tomato purée, ground pepper and 1tsp of QC.

Marinade all three bags for 2hrs before skewering.